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Getting Started? Try these Workouts

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Apr 23, 2020

Are you just starting out on your Concept2 machine and not knowing where to begin? While there’s a wealth of information on getting set up, training and staying motivated available on our website, we understand that you may be excited to get just right to it. What should your first few workouts look like? Let us point you in the right direction! Continue Reading ›

12 Erg and Body Weight Workouts

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Mär 20, 2020

As much as we all love our Concept2 equipment, sometimes we want to mix in other movements. Concept2 employees wrote up a few of their favorite body weight workouts—no other equipment needed besides your favorite Concept2 machine. Some of these workouts may list a specific erg as the ideal one for that workout, but any of them—a RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg—can be substituted or combined for any of the workouts below. Continue Reading ›

„23. NWRV Indoor-Cup" - „Deutsche Indoor-Rowing Meisterschaften"

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Jan 24, 2019

am Sonntag, den 03.02.2019 in Essen-Kettwig!

In Essen-Kettwig bereitet man sich fieberhaft auf das Ruderergometer-Event des Jahres vor! Am Sonntag, den 3. Februar öffnet "Deutschlands Ergo-Tempel Nr.1" wieder seine Pforten. Im Rahmen des "24. NWRV Indoor-Cup" werden dann zum dritten Mal die "Deutschen Meisterschaften im Indoor-Rowing" in der Sporthalle des Theodor-Heuss Gymnasiums ausgetragen.
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